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The Grebe is a kid's sized version of our larger Cormorant.  Its shorter length and shallower "V" bottom makes it an exceptionally stable boat, ideal for young paddlers.  This is a low/medium volume boat suited to day trips.

Click here for a VRML (virtual reality) look at the Grebe hull shape.

If you get a text file instead of the VRML image, check here for more information.

Key Features

Constructed of top quality BS 1088 Okoume marine plywood, totally impregnated with marine grade epoxy and sheathed with fiberglass.
Hulls painted with marine grade polyurethane enamel in your choice of color (varnished hull optional at no additional cost).  Decks finished with marine varnish to accent the warm glow of the natural wood.
Fully rigged deck including shock-cord, full deck perimeter line, and custom carrying toggles.
Fore and aft structural bulkheads.  Rear hatch gives water-tight access to cargo space (front hatch optional).
Length is 13' 6" with a maximum beam of 22".  At 150# displacement, the waterline length is 11' 10" and the waterline beam 20".


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Description Price
Grebe 13.5 $1,800


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Last modified: December 31, 1999