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New Puffin prototype

New Waves - The Latest  at Squeedunk

The leaves have fallen and the first skims of ice are beginning to appear on the smaller lakes.  Another paddling season has come and gone in northern Minnesota.   It has been another exciting year at Squeedunk.  Some new models for the coming year are in the works.  These include some styles not commonly available in commercially built kayaks.

We continue to make minor changes and improvements in our present models.  A new cockpit style and an improved seat are being phased in as are more dependable gaskets for hatches.  Our goal is to produce the finest hand-crafted boats available.

Some Highlights for the Coming Season:

Test paddling and final revisions have been completed on our first new model, the Puffin.  This a Bering Sea style kayak (or qayaq as it is more commonly known).   This is very unique kayak style with a "reverse" shear, sharply ridged deck, and distinctive bow profile.

Our second new model, the Arctic Tern, is in the prototype shop.  This is an Aleutian style kayak, most commonly known by its Russian name, Bairdarka.  This is a very seaworthy kayak which handles effortlessly.

Our third new model, the Eagle, is on the drawing board.  This is a tandem kayak based on our proven Cormorant hull shape.

While not technically a new model, our Cormorant will be produced in a "Special Edition" to celebrate the Millennium.  This will be a slightly smaller, 15' 8" version to better fit the smaller sized paddler.  This will have a "bright" finish (marine spar varnish), and feature a Meranti plywood (reddish brown) hull accented by a lighter colored Okoume plywood deck.

All of our kayaks will feature a newly designed cockpit style incorporating a "cockpit recess".  This lowers the cockpit coaming, especially in the back, which will make for an easier roll.  The more rounded outline of the cockpit sides provides for a more watertight spray skirt fit.  The coaming ring is constructed of multiple layers of laminated hardwood with an inside facing of decorative hardwood veneer.

We are phasing in a newly designed one-piece fiberglass seat featuring a flexible back support.  While there is no stock kayak seat that comfortably fits every paddler, we feel that our new seat is one of the most comfortable on the market.

All of our designs will be available in both marine plywood and strip-built versions.

We have added a VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) file for each of our basic kayak hull shapes to each of our product pages.  Click on the VRML link on each of our kayak model pages.  This can be manipulated on your browser to view the shapes of our boats from any conceivable angle or distance.  

In order to view the VRML models, you will need a VRML viewer plug-in for your browser.    You can download a VRML plug-in at the link below.  It also has much additional information on VRML.   Follow the "Viewing VRML Worlds" button.   Have fun spinning our boats around!

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Last modified: December 31, 1999