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Squeedunk Kayaks are hand crafted from marine grade Okoume and Meranti plywood, fully impregnated with marine epoxy and sheathed with fiberglass cloth.  This produces an exceptionally strong and light weight craft that will resist deterioration.  All finishes and fittings are of the highest quality marine grade products and materials.

All of our kayaks are also available in a strip built version.  These eye-catching boats are constructed of a variety of wood types including red and white cedar, redwood, basswood, and pine, with accent strips of contrasting hardwoods.  Stripping patterns are often chosen by the customer.  The artistic possibilities for these boats are endless.

Our birchbark canoes are made using historically accurate building techniques and materials, consistent with the particular style.

The Cormorant is a hard-chine kayak based on historical Greenland kayaks.  It is available in 16 and 18 foot lengths.
The Loon is a multi-chine kayak with a profile similar to kayaks from the Baffin Island area.  It is available in an 18 foot length.
         The Grebe is a smaller version of the Cormorant sized for children.  Length is 13.5 feet.

Arctic Tern
        The Arctic tern is a multi-chine Aleutian style kayak, commonly known by its Russian name, Bairdarka.  It is available in a 17 foot          length.

        The Puffin is a Bering Sea style kayak (qayaq).   This multi-chine kayak is available in a 15 foot length.

         The Eagle is a hard-chine tandem kayak with a hull shape based on our Cormorant design.  It is available in a 20 foot length.
Birchbark Canoes
Our Birchbark Canoes are custom built, following historically accurate styles.  We can build anything from a small one-person boat to a 6 fathom Fur Trade "Maitre Canot".  We also build 1/4 scale miniature canoes which are exact copies of full sized boats.
Strip-Built Kayaks
         In addition to our marine plywood kayaks, we offer strip-built  versions of all of our kayaks in limited numbers.


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