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                                                                                             Squeedunk Lake (the small one)

Welcome to the lakes and woods of Northern Minnesota, home of Squeedunk Kayaks

Company Profile

Squeedunk Kayaks is a small company specializing in the production of hand crafted wood kayaks.  We also build custom birchbark canoes.  Our goal is to build high quality boats.  Our production is limited, and is not expected to exceed about 50 boats per year.

Let me introduce myself.  I am Grant Goltz, and my partner in this venture is Christy Caine. We build boats, and we build good ones.  We are not a big company, we are a two person boat shop.  We personally do all the work, ourselves, and we don't intend to change that.

To be honest, we don't have a long history in the kayak business.  Our backgrounds are rather diverse.  I have been some kind of a woodworker all of my life, all the way from building construction, through cabinet and furniture making, to world championship class wildfowl wood sculpture.  Christy is an anthropologist/archaeologist with a heavy outdoor interest which includes canoeing, backpacking, and gardening.  The kayak bug bit us a while back, and after building a few of our own, we got caught up in it to the point of deciding that we could it for others.

I think you will like our boats.  Wooden boats are not for everybody. In these times of space age materials, the thought of wooden boats may sound a bit "old-fashioned".  But the reality is that a lot of the good boats, not just kayaks, being built today are still wooden boats.   New materials and new construction techniques make today's wooden boats every bit as durable and strong as any boats made of other materials.  And wood boats are beautiful.  Their cost is comparable to high-end composite boats.  Wood boats cannot be mass produced.   They are made one at a time, by hand.

Our goal is to produce the finest kayak you could possibly own. 


Come back often.  We will be updating frequently for the next few months.

Contact Information

Postal address
1062 Bungey Bay Lane NW
Hackensack, MN, USA 56452
Electronic mail
General Information: kayaks@squeedunk.com
Sales: kayaks@squeedunk.com
Customer Support: kayaks@squeedunk.com
Webmaster: webmaster@squeedunk.com

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Last modified: December 29, 1999