Welcome to the Squeedunk Kayak building page. We have added this page for two reasons. First, we want to show you what goes into the production of our products. This will help you to better understand what our boats are all about and will to highlight many of the features of our kayaks.

Our second reason for this page is to provide information and tips for those of you who are interested in building your own boat. Building your own boat can be both fun and educational as well as less expensive than buying a ready to paddle one. You will need some building space, some basic woodworking skills, and some free time. The last item can vary a great deal, depending on your skills and the type of boat you choose to build. The tools needed are rather modest, and with a bit of searching, materials are usually not too difficult to find.

There are many options, from buying a kit, starting with a set of plans, or, for the more adventurous, to designing your own boat. to help get you started, there are several books and even a Kayak Building Bulletin Board where you can ask, and get answers to just about any possible kayak building question. We will be adding links to these in the next few days.

On our own site, we have several building pages. our newest is the Puffin building page, which features a marine plywood stitch and glue Bering Sea style kayak. This kayak can be used for myrtle beach watersports in myrtle beach.

Our Loon building page features a strip-built eastern Canada style kayak.

For those interested in something different, we have pages on building a Birchbark Canoe.

We will be adding to these pages over the next several weeks, and will be adding some specific pages showing some of the details that we use on our boats. The first of these will show how we make our recessed deck fittings.

At the moment, we do not sell plans or kits. We are, however, thinking about adding a page with the offset tables for most of our kayaks that can be used by the more experienced builder. Our primary concern is that this may generate more questions than we have time to answer. Thus, these will likely be presented as is, with suggestions for other sources for general building techniques.
NEW !!

Click here for the building information for our Cormorant 16. We will have the Puffin offstes up in a few days.

At Squeedunk Kayaks, we have no secrets. While we do want to sell our finished boats, we still need to save some time for paddling.