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Birchbark Canoes
Building a Canoe Scale Model Canoes Canoe Styles



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                                                                                  15 foot birchbark canoe on Squeedunk Lake.

Full Size Canoes

Our birchbark canoes are based on historically recorded canoes and research information on building techniques and materials.  We can build a variety of styles, representing most types that have been recorded across North America.  Actual building techniques and materials used for individual canoes are consistent with various tribal styles as recorded by researchers such as Adney ("The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America") from 19th and early 20th century canoes.

                                                                                    jjones1.JPG (28979 bytes)

                                                                               Jim Jones, Jr. splitting spruce root

We are pleased to have Ojibwe canoe builders Jim Jones, Jr. and his father, Jim Sr. working with us on some of our canoes.  They bring a wealth of traditional knowledge on many subjects.

                                                              ttb12.JPG (44808 bytes)
                                                                                   11' 6" TÍtes de Boules Hunter's Canoe

Most of our canoes are built to order, but we often have one or two boats available which can be purchased.  We presently have a 11'6" TÍtes de Boules hunter's canoe, and are about to start a 17' 4" Micmac style canoe.


1/4 Scale Canoes

                                                  Cmod1.jpg (57498 bytes)
                                                                                11'8" TÍtes de Boules Hunter's Canoe, 1/4 scale

For the discriminating collector, we also build precise 1/4 scale models of canoes.  These are done with meticulous attention to detail and scale and are built exactly the same as corresponding full size canoes

Key Features of all our canoes

All canoes are based on historically documented information.  We often replicate specific boats that have been recorded.
We use all natural materials (except for urethane caulking, instead of pitch on full size canoes), consistent with the individual canoe style.
Complete documentation of materials, construction techniques, and historical references are provided for each boat.


Description Price
Under 16' length $185/foot
16' to 24' length $210/foot
Over 24' length $250/foot
1/4 Scale Models 35% of full size



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