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Deck Fittings



New Deck Fittings

We have designed new deck fittings with a "lower visual impact" than our old recessed fittings.  These are constructed of multiple laminations of hardwood veneer and fiberglass cloth.  They can be made in an almost endless variety of woods that can either blend into the deck or contrast with the deck wood.

Although these may look quite small and possibly fragile, they are exceedingly strong.  One leg of the fitting is epoxied completely through the deck with the other leg epoxied to the surface of the deck.

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This shows both our new perimeter deck line fitting (lower) and our deck bungie fitting (top).  Note that these are unfinished (bare wood) and have been placed in a scrap of cedar strip decking just for this scan.  The deck line fitting is constructed of three layers of veneer with two layers of 3.25 oz. fiberglass cloth sandwiched between.  The deck bungie fitting is four layers of veneer with three layers of 3.25 oz. cloth.


cSEdkfit.JPG (584524 bytes)

Here are the deck fittings as installed on a finished kayak.  This is a Cormorant SE with our new "Glass-Ply" deck in Emberwood veneer.

CorSE-1.JPG (1117645 bytes)

Here is the kayak.  The light colored "blaze" down the center is the sapwood of the Emberwood.  The hull is curly grained dark colored Meranti.  The cockpit recess is quilted Maple.




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