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All of our kayaks are built to the highest standards of craftsmanship.  We use the highest quality materials available and craft our boats one at a time.  Many standard features found on Squeedunk Kayaks are not available elsewhere.

Our standard models are constructed of marine grade plywood.  Hulls are generally 4mm BS 1088 grade Okoume.  On bright-finished (varnished) boats BS 1088 grade Meranti is used for its darker color and richer grain pattern.  Decks are constructed of 3mm marine grade Okoume plywood.
Our strip-built kayaks are constructed of 1/4 inch thick strips, using various combinations of western red cedar, northern white cedar, and a variety of other woods as decorative and accent striping.  These boats feature integral 3/4 inch hardwood shear strips and 5/8 inch thick hardwood keel strips.  All construction, including the shear and keel strips, has cove-and-bead joinery.
All wood is impregnated with marine grade epoxy, and fiberglass sheathing is used for strength and abrasion resistance.  Hulls have 6 oz. fiberglass cloth on the exterior, while decks have 4 oz. fiberglass cloth on the interior (primary stresses to decks require tensile strength on the interior - provided by the fiberglass).  Our cambered decks are formed and reinforced before installation to maximize the strength and stiffness provided by the fiberglass cloth.
We choose our finishes with the owner in mind.  Sooner or later your kayak, no matter how careful you are, will get a few scrapes or scratches (polyethylene  and fiberglass boats get them too, but  dings on a plastic boat seem to be more easily ignored than dings on a beautiful wooden boat).  We feel that is important for our boats to be as owner maintainable as possible.  Our painted finishes are one-part marine polyurethane enamel.  While two-part marine polyurethane is a slightly harder finish (not enough to be of much significance), it requires specialized application and is a very hazardous material to work with without special protective measures.  All of our bright-work is done in marine spar varnish.   Both materials are easy to work with and apply, whether you are touching up a few scratches or choose to refinish the entire boat.
Full deck rigging is standard on all of our boats.  This includes shock cord rigging fore and aft and full perimeter lines.b-rig.JPG (16080 bytes)  s-rig.JPG (13611 bytes)  Carrying toggles are custom molded from hand-carved antler originals.  b-toggle.JPG (17365 bytes)  All deck hardware is recessed to minimize spray from waves.  rec-fit.JPG (8631 bytes)
All Squeedunk kayaks feature flush hatches for access to roomy cargo space.  hatch.JPG (22678 bytes)
Our redesigned cockpit features a "cockpit recess" and a laminated hardwood coaming rim.   
Matching hardwood rubrails are standard (radiused shear without rubrails is also available).
Yakima adjustable footbraces are standard.
All Squeedunk kayaks have comfortable molded fiberglass seats for optimum support and comfort.
Matching waterproof cockpit cover is included at no extra cost.




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Last modified: November 25, 1999