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Building the Puffin



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Our new Puffin is based on the traditional kayaks of the Bering Sea region.  These distinctive craft are known for their excellent load carrying capacity and seaworthiness in heavy seas.  While this kayak appears wide with its 25 1/2" beam, this is actually due to the flare of the upper hull.  The waterline beam is similar to or slightly less than that of our other models.  The result of this hull configuration is a fast boat with excellent ultimate stability.

The most distinctive feature of the Puffin is its deck shape.  The end sections of the deck end in a narrow ridge with the bow having a raised, rounded top with a hole through it which is both decorative and serves as a lifting handle.  The stern has a short projection which serves the same purpose.

Click here for a VRML (virtual reality) look at the Puffin hull shape.   (note: the stern projection and raised bow are not included on the VRML model)

If you get a text file instead of the VRML image, check here for more information.


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Paddling the prototype Puffin


To see how we build the Puffin, click here.

Key Features

Hull constructed of 4mm BS 1088 Okoume marine plywood, impregnated with marine grade epoxy and sheathed with 6 oz. fiberglass cloth on the exterior.  The interior is reinforced with 9 oz. fiberglass tape.
Deck constructed of 3mm BS1088 Okoume marine plywood, impregnated with marine grade epoxy and sheathed with 4 oz. fiberglass cloth on the interior for added strength and stiffness.  The center section is cambered, with sharply ridged ends.
Hulls painted with marine grade polyurethane enamel in your choice of color (varnished hull optional at no additional cost).  Decks finished with marine varnish to accent the warm glow of the natural wood.
Fully rigged deck including shock-cord and full deck perimeter line.  Due to deck configuration, carrying toggles are not needed.
All deck hardware is recessed to minimize spray from waves.
Fore and aft structural bulkheads.  Front and rear  flush hatches give water-tight access to roomy cargo space.
Yakima adjustable footbraces, standard.
Length is 15 feet with a maximum beam of 25 1/2".  At 225# displacement, the waterline length is 13' 9" and the waterline beam 19".


Click Here for specifications of our kayaks.


Description Price
Puffin 15 $2,600


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