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1/4 Scale 11'8" TÍtes de Boule Hunter's Canoe

This page shows some of the steps in the construction of a 1/4 scale TÍtes de Boule Hunter's Canoe as illustrated by Adney in The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America.  This model was built with absolute accuracy to construction details and scale of components.  The finished model is 35" long.

We can model any canoe for the discriminating collector.

Click on thumbnails for a larger view.


Cmod2.jpg (113030 bytes)
   Canoe on building bed with lacing of gunwales started.  (note Adney reference and finished stem piece)


Cmod3.jpg (116017 bytes)
   Lacing gunwales and end of center thwart.  Two color lacing of split spruce root.


Cmod4.jpg (109033 bytes)
   Gunwale lacing completed. (note slight crown in center of building bed)


Cmod5.jpg (100649 bytes)
   End trimmed, ready for lacing of stem piece.


Cmod6.jpg (90956 bytes)
   Top view of canoe on building bed.  Gunwale lacing completed.


Cmod7.jpg (123465 bytes)     
    Sewing gores.  Stitching is over split root battens.


Cmod8.jpg (115522 bytes)


    Installing ribs



Cmod9.jpg (127872 bytes)
   Installing gunwale caps. These are attached with wooden pegs and will be lashed at the ends.


Cmod10.jpg (66605 bytes)
  The finished canoe.  This canoe is made with winter bark, thus the dark color.


Next month we will be building a full size version of this same canoe.

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