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Strip-Built Kayaks
Building the Loon-ST




We offer strip-built kayaks versions of all our kayaks.  These are built in limited numbers, frequently with customer input on choice of woods and stripping patterns.   Strip-built versions of the Greebe and tandem Eagle are by special order only.

Click here for a look at what goes into a strip-built kayak.

Key Features

Constructed using the fine craftsmanship of traditional cedar-strip boats.   1/4" cedar strips with a variety of contrasting woods impregnated with marine grade epoxy and sheathed with 6 oz. fiberglass cloth on both the interior and exterior.
Stripping patterns and choices of wood can be customized to your specifications.
Finished with marine varnish to accent the warm glow of the natural wood.
Fully rigged deck including shock-cord, full deck perimeter line, and custom carrying toggles.  Custom deck rigging also available
Recessed hatches and deck hardware to minimize spray from waves.
Yakima adjustable footbraces, standard.



Description Price
Cormorant-ST 17 $3,800
Loon-ST 18 $4,000
Arctic Tern-ST 17 $4,000
Puffin-ST 15 $3,600


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Last modified: November 25, 1999