Popular Water Sports in South Carolina

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Popular Water Sports in South Carolina

If you’re looking for a unique way to relax on your next vacation, look no further than water sports. With the many options available, there is something for everyone. If you love the excitement of jet skiing or wakeboarding, there are many jet ski rentals in South Carolina. If you’d rather skip the water and hit the beach, there are plenty of fun options that allow you to float and sunbathe on the sand. If you’d prefer to rent a boat, there are professional jet ski rentals near the coast or in Ocean Isle, NC. All of these water sports can provide hours of fun and excitement.

At Express Water Sports, you’ll find no shortage of exciting water sports with the many options available. Do you love the thrill of soaring over the open water? Try the ultimate adrenaline sport of jet skiing! This sport requires only two people, a ski pole, and the courage to try. For an even bigger rush, try the three-mile stretch of white water between Pee Dee Beach in Ghent and Myrtle Beach, NC.

Another popular water sport is wakeboarding, which involves using wake boards, jet skis, or other watercraft to propel yourself forward. Because wakeboarders need to be extremely careful when out in the water, they get scheduled for excursions at certain times of the day. Some tours offer excursions at specific times of the day just to be safe; others offer excursions at all hours of the day. If you enjoy this sport, try to schedule your wakeboard rentals at the same time as a jet ski rental to save money on both activities.

Pontoon Boats. Pontoon boats are a great way to see several locations without taking up too much space. They can be rented for shorter tours, or you can take a longer tour up one of the many Carolina rivers. You can also find pontoon boats that offer amenities like fishing rods and coolers for storing your catch while you are out on the water.

Kayaking. If you enjoy being out on the water but would rather not deal with the hassle of boats, kayaking is another great option. Kayaks are small, easy to maneuver, quiet, and safe means of water sports travel. When you look for boat rentals in North Carolina, look for tours that offer kayaking tours at a reasonable rate.

Beach Fun. North Myrtle Beach has become home to some of the nation’s most adventurous water sports enthusiasts. Enjoy a day of parasailing, swimming, tubing, sailing, and playing beach volleyball on the beach or on the course, and you will find activities to fit any kind of budget.

Beach Camping. There is nothing more romantic than taking a long leisurely cruise along the ocean, stopping off to enjoy a hot meal, and spending the rest of the day sleeping underneath the stars. Many families enjoy beach camping; however, if you don’t have the time to cook, you might want to consider renting a boat rental to get out on the water and enjoy some quiet time with your loved one or friends. With a boat rental, you can spend the night just about anywhere that water and open ground can provide. You might want to bring a tent, depending on the surrounding weather, and decide where you want to camp based on your accommodations and amenities.

Fishing. Fishing is a hobby that many people love, but few share the passion that others have for catching trout on their own property. If you live on the coast, or near the ocean, you can easily find local boat rentals in Myrtle Beach. These pontoon boats are perfect for days when you just want to sit back on the beach and catch some fish. The best part about fishing on a boat is that it allows you to avoid eating lunch just like you would at a popular seafood restaurant. Many times you will also find fishermen that will give you a free lunch as well!