Dolphin Tour – Jet Ski Rentals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“If you’re ready for underwater adventure at Myrtle Beach Jet Ski Rentals; make sure you book one of our exciting jet ski experiences. Hiring a jet ski for your day of water-based fun is a wonderful way to get an adrenaline rush and discover the beauty of the Soddy Bay Underwater Park. Looking for an even more leisurely day out on the waters? We have pontoon rentals for an entire day or a complete day on the deep water.

dolphin tour jet ski

If you’re looking to pamper yourself or your kids, our jet ski rentals are also near the attractions. The rentals can be found nearby the Pee Dee Island Lighthouse and Carolina Keepsake State Park. Our rentals are also convenient to the Carolina Aquarium and the Suwannee River. Nearby attractions include Wild Dunes National Recreation Area and the Suwannee River. All of these attractions are within a reasonable driving distance of our rentals.

If you are planning a family vacation to South Carolina and are looking to save some money, jet ski rentals can be had near the beaches. At nearby Beaufort Beach, the beach is only a short two mile drive away. Children can enjoy the beach with their friends and family for less than an hour’s time on our rental jet ski.

At Myrtle Beach, there are many other attractions that children love such as the Carolina Opry and the Carolina Aquarium. The hours and days of fun in Myrtle Beach are endless. Children can spend several hours at the beach while their parents go sightseeing. Many of our jet ski rentals are right on Myrtle Beach, making it very easy for our clients to visit their favorite attractions without having to worry about transportation.

In addition to our jet ski rentals, we have jet skis and snorkeling equipment rentals. These rentals are very popular as they allow our clients the opportunity to see the ocean in a completely different way. These rentals also allow the children to experience nature up close and personal. Many of our clients rent jet skis and snorkels for family vacations and annual events such as beach cleanings and music festivals.

Our jet ski rental services are available to cater to everyone’s needs. Whether you want to have a family rented jet ski rental or you just want to jet ski on your own, we will accommodate you. You can rent either a one-day pass or if you are planning on staying longer, a two or three-day pass. Typically, a family rented jet ski rental is more affordable than a one-day pass since most facilities will offer a reduced price if you book your service during the off season.

A popular destination with jet ski rentals is South Carolina’s beautiful shores. This area of the country is home to beautiful beaches that are ideal for families. In fact, we often advise our clients to travel to Myrtle Beach during the Springtime. While winter tourists may be drawn to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Mitchell, there are plenty of attractions and activities in this area year round. A visit to the local beaches, parks, trails, fishing, water sports, and golf courses is truly unforgettable.

To find out more information about renting our jet ski rentals or dolphin tours, contact our company. We offer competitive prices and allow you to select a package deal that works for your family. Contact us today! Our experienced team will help make your trip to The Friendly Isle a memorable experience you and your family will never forget. Give our expert advice on all types of vacations and activities, as well as other fun things to do on your stay on The Friendly Isle.