Tips For Planning Dolphin Tours in the Outer Banks

dolphin tours

If you’ve always wanted to see a pod of dolphins in the wild, you’ll probably want to look into dolphin tours. The Outer Banks is the perfect place for such a tour. You can choose from a number of different experiences, including the popular bottlenose dolphin tour, which will get you up close and personal to the animals. These tours are perfect for families and people of all ages. Here are some tips for planning a dolphin tour.

Make sure you choose a responsible tour operator. Responsible tours will have an experienced guide on board who will focus on sensation as well as education. If you’re unfamiliar with the dolphin species, you should make sure the guide you’re hiring is responsible and has an environmental policy. The guide should give a thorough talk before the trip, stressing the importance of preserving the dolphins’ habitat. In addition, good guides will be able to educate you on their care and behavior.

Getting to the dock can be a challenge, but the trip is worth it. Gulfport Small Craft Harbor is a good place to park. There’s also a dock near Jones Park. Once you get on the boat, you’ll be on a 90-minute shoreline cruise in search of Atlantic bottle-nose dolphins. While on board, you can purchase snacks and drinks from the snack bar. For best results, it’s best to purchase tickets in advance.

In addition to watching bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat, Dolphin tours also offer the chance to see Risso’s dolphins. This dolphin species is unique in appearance and is the largest of the three species. These creatures are about ten feet long and weigh between one hundred kilogrammes. The Risso’s dolphin is found in tropical and warm oceans, as well as the Azores. It can even be seen as far away as the mid-Atlantic islands.

Bottlenose dolphins are common residents of the salt marshes and inlets in Hilton Head. Whether you are traveling with your children or your entire family, a dolphin tour can be a great way to experience this majestic creature up close. You will learn more about the social behavior of these creatures and their habits of feeding. Afterwards, you’ll have plenty of fun watching these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. So, go ahead and book your dolphin tour in Hilton Head and experience a unique and memorable experience.